Finally, after many years i started learning Ruby on Rails. When I was in university it was really hard for me to understand the whole concept of web framework. Specially in rails, where everything fels so magic, the convention over configuration is the main responsible for this, I think. That and the fact that I never learned Ruby.

Now, after few years working as a backend developer with Spring, I feel that i have enough knowledge to start working with Rails. I started a small project to track movies I watched, I am following the official rails guides and searching few things on the way.

I always wanted to learn ruby, and i wish this time i can really learn properly. I started doing the ruby koans, and I am watching a lot of old videos about ruby. I feel nostalgic, I wish learned ruby before, but I missed the whole rails vibe and end up working with enterprise code. I will take this opportunity to learn some things that I am not so good at.

Things that I want to learn:

I think learning Ruby and Rails will improve my own work with Java and Spring. Also I find extremely annoying to work with java in my personal computer, and I want to use Emacs to code instead of an IDE.

Need to improve my rails configuration with Emacs, need to check projectile-rails

That's it for now, I hope I can continue learning Ruby! :)

// Luna