[2021-02-15 Mon 19:21]

I think i found a good solution for my blog. Initially i was going to do everything by myself, i.e.:

  1. Write posts in org-mode
  2. Convert to html
  3. Embed in page
  4. publish

The thing is that i want to do in a automatic way, not hard coded html linking. So far I have a Rakefile, but i its broken (i am writing this but i don't know when i will publish it). I guess what i want is nanoc. It seems to implement what i want, and give me the opportunity to learn ruby (that is what i want now). Also it seems that gives me more flexibility than hugo for example.

One thing though is that nanoc can integrate with markdown, but not org. I am thinking about exporting my .org to .md and then render with nanoc. Let's see. I found these two videos:

The later also has some cool snippets that i can try to integrate with my emacs config.

I will try and let's see.

Mon Feb 15 19:27:29 2021 // luna